What makes a black hole?

  Black hole is that region of space-time that has the audacity to hold even the irrevocably almighty light captive in an enigmatic dungeon. When one ponders about the black holes, it is normal to imagine oneself as Captain Kirk meandering through infinite galaxies or as Mather McConaughey plummeting in and out of a fourth-dimensional […]

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Cosmic ‘Star’-dom

The glowering sun affixed in the sky above enervates us, as beads of perspiration dwell on our murky skins. With a scornful look at the burning furnace, we often hurl out a couple of abuses at the sun and continue with our work. Rarely, do we care about how such a hot, dense piece of […]

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The case against black holes

‘Black holes’ are often the incentives that lure curious minds into the field of astrophysics and so was the case with me back in 2013, when I was an avid 9-year-old reader. 5 years later, here I am questioning the existence of ‘black holes’ itself. When I first came across the alternative theories to black […]

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How did the principle of equivalence get rid of the idea of absolute time?

Special Relativity persists to plague millions of high-school students with its convoluted formulas that are fit to dazzle extraterrestrials. However, the Special Relativity successfully enlightened mankind with the prospect that the laws of nature hold true for all bodies moving freely. For instance, if I were to measure the speed of light while riding a […]

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Dark Matter

Across the universe, dark matter has six times the total gravity of all visible matter. But what is dark matter? Why are scientists not able to detect it? Is it the same as aether? Let’s deal with these questions in this article. Fritz Zicky is a known astrophysicist who detected an unusual presence in the […]

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The Cosmic Microwave Background

In my previous post, I had discussed about the origin of the universe in the extraordinary event called the Big Bang. This post mainly deals with what astrophysicists call the Cosmic Microwave Background. They are ancestors of photons from the eons in which decoupling took place. The photons we see after the time of decoupling […]

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Big Bang

Astronomy is a branch of science redolent of wild speculation, which urges the old lemon in one’s head to squeeze out a juice of predictions. Predictions are irrevocably termed as the ‘lightning bolt’ for an astronomer. One such prediction that has succeeded to cleave its way through a gamut of eons is the Big Bang, […]

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