Binary Stars

Even though more than half of the stars in our universe are binary stars, a majority of us tend to ignore the more profound understanding and meaning behind these stars. In fact, most of us get our knowledge about binary stars from the star system on the planet ‘Tatooine’ from Star Wars. Well, there’s a […]

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Light Can Be Flexible Too

Soon, after the International Yoga Day, several researchers from institutions in Spain and the USA have concluded that light can twist too. This new property of light is known as self-torque since an external agent does not cause this noticed torque effect in light. The property is displayed by laser beams that can twist themselves […]

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The Dark Knight Rises

“So Einstein was wrong when he said, ‘God does not play dice.’ Consideration of black holes suggests, not only does God play dice, but that sometimes he confuses us by throwing them where they can’t be seen.” – Stephen Hawking On 10th April 2019, humanity reified a sensational idea that had been pitched by Einstein […]

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The ‘quantum’ around us

In this grand universe, it is often that we carry around a barrage of questions with us in order to define our existence and intellect. Where are we? Who are we? Why do we exist? But the question often neglected is ‘What are we made of?’ This article is centred around this question with the […]

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What makes a black hole?

  Black hole is that region of space-time that has the audacity to hold even the irrevocably almighty light captive in an enigmatic dungeon. When one ponders about the black holes, it is normal to imagine oneself as Captain Kirk meandering through infinite galaxies or as Mather McConaughey plummeting in and out of a fourth-dimensional […]

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Cosmic ‘Star’-dom

The glowering sun affixed in the sky above enervates us, as beads of perspiration dwell on our murky skins. With a scornful look at the burning furnace, we often hurl out a couple of abuses at the sun and continue with our work. Rarely, do we care about how such a hot, dense piece of […]

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The case against black holes

‘Black holes’ are often the incentives that lure curious minds into the field of astrophysics and so was the case with me back in 2013, when I was an avid 9-year-old reader. 5 years later, here I am questioning the existence of ‘black holes’ itself. When I first came across the alternative theories to black […]

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How did the principle of equivalence get rid of the idea of absolute time?

Special Relativity persists to plague millions of high-school students with its convoluted formulas that are fit to dazzle extraterrestrials. However, the Special Relativity successfully enlightened mankind with the prospect that the laws of nature hold true for all bodies moving freely. For instance, if I were to measure the speed of light while riding a […]

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Dark Matter

Across the universe, dark matter has six times the total gravity of all visible matter. But what is dark matter? Why are scientists not able to detect it? Is it the same as aether? Let’s deal with these questions in this article. Fritz Zicky is a known astrophysicist who detected an unusual presence in the […]

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